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FAQ: Website Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are frequently asked by member organizations. If you have additional questions or comments, please e-mail or call us at (434) 979-7151 ext. 6662.

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Who is Eligible?

Any non-profit organization that is based in or has an active chapter in the City of Charlottesville or Albemarle County may apply for an account. These include:

Local governments and publicly funded agencies Local school divisions and other educational entities Regional entities that include Albemarle and Charlottesville State and federal agencies with a local presence Local organizations with federal tax-exempt status Neighborhood associations

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. If you have eligibility questions and are not sure if you qualify to be a member organization of Monticello Avenue, please contact or call (434) 979-7151 x 202.

The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Board of Trustees is the final authority concerning eligibility.

Can I list my business?
What if my organization already has a website?

Preference is given to websites with a clearly stated link to the local community. Local businesses and/or organizations with a website should contact to request a listing on the Monticello Avenue website. Links to the Monticello Avenue website are the sole discretion of the webmaster.

How much does it cost?

All Monticello Avenue services are free of charge.

How do I apply for an account?

If you would like to become a member organization, please read the hosting guidelines at and submit an application to the address or fax number listed on the bottom of the form.

What are the services offered to the public by Monticello Avenue?

Monticello Avenue operates the Central Library as well as the Monticello Avenue website, where visitors can easily find information about Albemarle and Charlottesville.

Who is responsible for maintaining my web site?

Member organizations must designate an account manager to be responsible for developing, submitting, and updating information. This individual and the Member Organization are jointly responsible for ensuring the account and password are used only by the official representative for the development of materials for Monticello Avenue.

What skills do I need and how do I learn them?

The most important skills are attention to detail and a willingness to learn. Monticello Avenue staff offer tutorials to account managers. Familiarity with computers and word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, can make editing a web page easier.

What equipment do I need to get my site on Monticello Avenue?

You need access to a computer to produce your Web pages and a connection to the Internet to access Monticello Avenue. You may maintain your page from home, or schedule an appointment to work at the library with Monticello Avenue staff. You will also need an FTP program and a web editor such as Microsoft Expression Web, Dreamweaver or freeware editing software such as Kompozer.

How much file space is provided?

Each Member Organization may use up to 100 MB of space on the Monticello Avenue server for the development and storage of data related to Monticello Avenue.

How do I renew my account?

Member organizations must renew their account annually. Reminders are emailed to the account manager. You may also find guidelines and a link to the renewal form on the Monticello Avenue website.

May I use my Domain Name?

Member Organizations may register for a unique domain name. Once an organization obtains its domain name, the account manager should contact the Monticello Avenue Coordinator to facilitate support for the domain name. The Member Organization is solely responsible for any fees and/or requirements for registration of its domain name.

Do you support Server Side Includes?

Yes, a list of supported server side includes is available at:

What is expected of member organizations?

You must agree to comply with the Monticello Avenue Information Providers Policy and Content and Style Guidelines found at

The following are excerpts:

Information Providers must designate an account manager to be responsible for developing, submitting, and updating information. This individual and the Member Organization are jointly responsible for ensuring the account and password are used only by the official representative for the development of materials for Monticello Avenue.

It is not acceptable to use Monticello Avenue in ways that interfere with or disrupt users, services, or equipment on Monticello Avenue. Such interference or disruption includes, but is not limited to: distribution of unsolicited advertising; propagation of computer viruses; and using the network to make unauthorized entry to other computers, networks, or communication resources.

Monticello Avenue members are responsible for all activity carried out through their account.

Member Organizations are responsible for providing accurate and up to date information. Information should be reviewed every 3 months. Failure to update material in a timely manner will result in forfeiture of an organizations presence on Monticello Avenue.

All official correspondence from Monticello Avenue staff will be addressed to the Member Organizations administrative account. Monticello Avenue staff are not responsible for loss of data or service due to the account manager's failure to monitor e-mail.

Member Organizations must renew their Monticello Avenue account annually by submitting a renewal application.

Monticello Avenue requires that home pages have the following information:

And at the bottom of the Home page:

Configuration settings: DNS, mail servers, ftp server, email address:

IP address

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Mail server

FTP server

E-mail address


May I call for technical support?

Of course, but note that the person calling must be listed in our database as an authorized account manager or contact person. This requirement is to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your account and the information found there. Technical assistance is generally available between 9AM and 5PM Monday-Saturday. The phone number for the computer lab is (434) 979-7151 x 6660. For less pressing issues, you may call (434) 979-7151 x 6662 or send e-mail to When contacting technical support, please indicate which organization you represent and have your user ID and password available. It is also helpful to have any error messages written down.

How do I add/change the account manager or contacts in your database?

Send an e-mail to The person requesting the change must be an authorized representative of the group listed in the database. When changing account managers or contacts, please include the persons name, address, e-mail, phone, and fax. Personal information is not shared or sold and is used by staff for Monticello Avenue business only.

How do I cancel my account?

If you wish to cancel your account with Monticello Avenue, send an e-mail to or call 979-7151 x 6662. If you are moving your site to another location, we will list your new URL on our website and provide a redirect page for 6 months.

What is my URL?

Your URL will be

How do I upload my web site?

To upload your site to the Monticello Avenue server use an secure ftp program. There are several available via the Internet. Monticello Avenue has copies of the freeware program WinSCP that we can give you or you may download a copy from Look for and click "Download" on the navigation bar. Select a version of WinSCP (not plugin version) and click on "Installation Package". You will be given a list of mirror sites to download from. Select the location nearest you and then click on the file icon in the right hand column to download the program. Instructions for using WinSCP are available here.

How do I check my email when I am out of town?

You can check your e-mail when you are away from your computer by visiting This site allows you to check your e-mail. Simply enter your userid and then your password.

May I add an additional e-mail address?

Yes, each member organization may create up to 6 e-mail addresses.

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