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A community network depends on participation by community organizations representing a full spectrum of community needs and interests. We hope that you will take this opportunity to learn more about becoming a Member Organization on Monticello Avenue.

Placing information on the Monticello Avenue server is easy, cost-efficient, and a great way to deliver information about your services to people around the block, around the region, and around the world. The information below addresses practical concerns.

If you have questions before you apply for an account with Monticello Avenue, please contact the Coordinator at or call (434) 979-7151 x 6662.

Monticello Avenue is dedicated to promoting civic use of the World Wide Web by assisting community organizations in establishing web pages; educating residents about the resources available online; and organizing the growing amount of electronic community information. The City of Charlottesville, the County of Albemarle and the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library jointly support Monticello Avenue.

Eligibility Criteria For Membership

Any non-profit organization that is based in or has a chapter in the City of Charlottesville or Albemarle County may apply for an account. These include:

  • Local governments and publicly funded agencies
  • Local school divisions and other educational entities
  • Regional entities that include Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville
  • State and federal agencies with a local presence
  • Local organizations with federal tax-exempt status
  • Neighborhood associations

This is not intended as an exhaustive list. Monticello Avenue reserves the right to request relevant documentation from organizations and/or their representatives to establish eligibility. Organizations denied eligibility status may appeal to the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Board of Trustees. The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Board of Trustees is the final authority concerning eligibility.

Commercial (for-profit) entities and activities requiring a business license are not eligible to be Member Organizations on Monticello Avenue. Monticello Avenue websites may include links to for-profit locations.

All advertising and commercial activity must take place on other servers.

Individuals are not eligible for an account on Monticello Avenue. Monticello Avenue websites are reserved for eligible organizations and entities and may not be used to represent any one individual.

Policies — Member Organization Responsibilities

To ensure a positive experience for all Monticello Avenue users, Member Organizations are required to adhere to the following criteria for Acceptable Use in addition to all applicable State and Federal laws. Monticello Avenue members are expected to use good judgment in all their online activities, and help provide a positive image of Monticello Avenue to the community.

The authorizing signature on the Monticello Avenue application form, serves as an agreement to be aware of and abide by the policies established for Monticello Avenue by the JMRL Board of Trustees.

Member Organizations designate an account manager to be responsible for developing, submitting, and updating information. In addition to the account manager, organizations should name a contact person to serve as a secondary representative of the organization. These individuals are jointly responsible for ensuring the account and password are used by the official representatives for the development of materials for Monticello Avenue.

Member Organizations are responsible for all activity carried out through their account. Member Organizations may not post illegal materials or materials that advocate unlawful activities. Member Organizations must comply with current copyright laws. Copyrighted information may not be posted on Monticello Avenue without written permission from the copyright holder. Member Organizations are liable for any damage resulting from infringement of copyrights or for any other harm.

Monticello Avenue members are to act with respect for the values and individuality of others in the community. Use of language which expresses prejudice, harassment, or disdain for personal, religious, intellectual, racial, sexual, or other reasons is bad network citizenship.

It is not acceptable to use access to the Monticello Avenue server in ways that interfere with or disrupt users, services, or equipment on Monticello Avenue. Such interference or disruption includes, but is not limited to: distribution of unsolicited advertising; propagation of computer viruses; and using the network to make unauthorized entry to other computers, networks, or communication resources.

To serve both Member Organizations and visitors to hosted websites, Monticello Avenue has established content and style requirements (JMRL Procedure: Section 4.62)

Member Organizations agree to hold harmless Monticello Avenue, its staff and volunteers , and the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Board of Trustees from any activity resulting from the use of Monticello Avenue resources.

Member Organizations acknowledge that the Board of Trustees of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library reserves the right to set policy for the operation and use of Monticello Avenue.

Guidelines — Membership Privileges and Responsibilities

Eligible organizations (JMRL Policy: Section 4.61) apply for an account by submitting a completed application (JMRL Form: Section 4.611).  Monticello Avenue reserves the right to request relevant documentation from organizations and/or their representatives to establish eligibility.

Member Organizations designate an account manager to be responsible for developing, submitting and updating information.

Only those persons designated as account manager and contact
person(s) will be given technical support and/or access to the account.

An account and password are created which includes access to e-mail and sftp.

Each Member Organization is given a 100 MB quota.  Account managers may request additional space on the Monticello Avenue server if needed for the development and storage of data related to the organization's website..

The account manager is responsible for creating/uploading a website and notifying the Monticello Avenue Coordinator within 3 months of creation of the account.

Organization's URL will be unless the organization chooses to register a virtual domain name. Once an organization obtains its domain name, the account manager should contact the Monticello Avenue Coordinator to facilitate support for the domain name.  The Member Organization is solely responsible for any fees and/or requirements for registration of its domain name.

Member Organizations are responsible for providing accurate and up to date information on the website. Information should be reviewed every 3 months. Failure to update material in a timely fashion will result in forfeiture of Member Organization's presence on Monticello Avenue.

Each Member Organization receives up to six e-mail accounts. The account manager is responsible for monitoring the administrative e-mail account. 

Member Organizations are automatically placed on the Monticello Avenue mailing list. All official notices/announcements from Monticello Avenue staff will be addressed to the Member Organization's administrative account. Monticello Avenue staff are not responsible for loss of data or service due to the account manager's failure to monitor the administrative e-mail.

Member Organizations must renew their Monticello Avenue account annually (See renewal application). An annual reminder is sent to the account manager through the administrative email account.  Failure to renew an account in a timely fashion will result in forfeiture of a Member Organization's presence on Monticello Avenue.

Account managers should notify the Monticello Avenue Coordinator whenever there are changes in the information provided on the original application and/or the most recent renewal form. 

When an organization wishes to terminate its account with Monticello Avenue, a designated representative should notify the Monticello Avenue Coordinator.  At this time, if the organization desires copies of the web directory, they will be made available upon request.  After notification, the organizations account and files are deleted from the server.  If the group moves to another host, Monticello Avenue will revise the link on and maintain a re-direct page for 6 months.

Monticello Avenue staff offer technical support and training for designated representatives of member organizations. Contact us at or call (434)979-7151 x6662.

All websites hosted on Monticello Avenue should comply with the following content and style requirements:

An organization's home page should include

  • Name, address, phone number of the organization and hours of operation when applicable.
  • Links to back to organization's home page and additional pages.
  • Link back to the Monticello Avenue home page. Click here to get the Monticello Avenue icon.
  • Date the information was updated.
  • Contact name and e-mail address.

Training Opportunities

Designated representatives of member organizations may schedule tutorials in HTML design or work sessions to revise their organization's website.

The introduction to web page design includes instruction on the use of HTML editing software and the basics of ftp.

Account managers who have completed the introductory tutorial and/or more experienced website developers may schedule time to work on their organization's website with support from Monticello Avenue staff.

To schedule Monticello Avenue tutorials/work sessions we need your name and the name of the organization you represent.

For further information on tutorials and schedules contact:

Monticello Avenue Staff
Phone (434) 979-7151 ext 6662
Fax (434) 979-9728

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