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Website Hosting Account Renewal Guidelines

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Webmaster or call (434) 979-7151 ext. 6662

Please complete the renewal form and return it to the Monticello Avenue office (contact information may be found on the bottom of the form). Incomplete forms and websites that do not comply with our requirements (See our Hosting Services page) will not be processed.

The information given on this renewal form supersedes all previous information in our files. It is critical that we receive complete contact information for each representative listed on the form.

Contact information provides a means of reaching an authorized representative outside of the organization's address and phone number. Rest assured that this information is accessed only by the Monticello Avenue staff and is not distributed outside the office. We do not transfer any information from the original application or renewal forms from previous years.

Please note we require an account manager and a contact person for each organization. The account manager is responsible for all aspects of the website and e-mail account. The contact person serves as a secondary contact for the organization in the event we are unable to reach the account manager. We do not recommend more than two designated representatives per organization.

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